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Seaway Diving and Salvage Co.


Seaway Diving & Salvage Co., Inc. was established in 1980 when former owner Kevin Lengyel discovered a need for professional underwater services. Mr. Lengyel is accredited with being one of the original founders of Oceaneering International, one of the largest independent diving companies in the world. Kevin assisted in worldwide off shore drilling operations, and has had a distinguished career in commercial diving. Based in Waterford, NY, Seaway Diving & Salvage Co., Inc. provides reliable services for both the public and private sectors operating along the Northeast's rivers, ports, and harbors. Influenced by their founder's strong work ethic, Seaway Divers impress their clients with extensive knowledge and an exceptional level of professionalism.
The current owner, Tim Joslyn sustains Seaway Diving's reputation for customer satisfaction through the core values of hard work, integrity, and honesty. Seaway Diving & Salvage Co., Inc. has a mission of exceeding client expectations and takes pride in getting the job done right the first time. All Seaway divers excel both in knowledge and skill, and have extensive experience diving under difficult conditions. Seaway has become an industry leader by offering their clients a diverse range of underwater services. Their strong work ethics and high standards have enabled them to create long term relationships with clients.
All Seaway Diving & Salvage Co., Inc. divers have experience in construction, structural inspections and mechanics.  Seaway divers are graduates of accredited Association of Commercial Diving Educators schools and have over 120 years of combined experience to draw from. Due to the importance of safety, all members of personnel are 10 hour OSHA, HAZWOPER, CPR, and first aid certified. In addition, Seaway divers have experience in the specialized area of HAZ-MAT diving, and have completed OSHA's forty-hour training program for handling hazardous materials.